Phil Thompson is a 'front of the front-end' engineer living & working in London.

Frontend skills/services

Accessibility consultancy

Phil provides web accessibility consultancy services under the name A11y is Everything.

Ecommerce (Shopify) consultancy

Phil provides ecommerce (Shopify) consultancy services under the name Safra.

Development process (vanilla)

Phil Thompson builds HTML templates along with CSS and JavaScript making use of Sass using BEM syntax for his CSS (as well as alphabetising his CSS declarations).

CSS/HTML/JavaScript are also split into components for ease of maintenance.

The code for this site is available on GitHub for your perusal. It is a simple PHP template (for easy header/footer includes) 11ty static website that makes use of Github actions to deploy to a virtual private server with Continuous Integration (CI).

Also happy using the latest JavaScript frameworks and learning new ones on the job.

Development process (ReactJS)

Phil Thompson builds ReactJS single-page apps (SPAs) with Create React App and TypeScript.

Using either plain CSS or CSS-in-JS (either emotion or styled-components) for styling.

Direct clients

Digital/Design agencies

Working with established agencies like Friday, Fluxx, and Tribal Worldwide in London, 383 Project in Birmingham, cxpartners in Bristol, AREA 17 in New York/Paris, Code Computerlove and LOVE in Manchester has given Phil the opportunity to perfect his skills on global brands like HSBC, Playstation, EA Games, Diageo, The Rolling Stones, The BBC, and Volkswagen.

Nice things people have said

Phil is a highly skilled developer and quickly became an invaluable member of the team on a challenging project. He has a great working attitude and I would definitely hire him again.

Daisy Thurston-Gent, former Operations Manager, Tribal Worldwide London

Work together

If you have project that you think would be suited to Phil then you can email him:

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